Features ( Provide link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight)
The genesis of the K.V.
1. SERWO School building in the july 1975 with primary section of 5 Class room upto class -VI by sponsoring agency

2.From 1976-1980 the school functioned sponsoring agency upto class-X.

3.1986-Secondary classes & department at KVS building.

41979- Xth Board Exam.

5. 1991-XII Sc stream opened.

6. 1992-All Primary & Secondary at one building..
7. 2008 – Commerce stream opened.

Important milestones of growth
2008-09 -3-section school sanctioned
Gradual year wise expansion in classes and sections leading to present status
Details of previous and new campus – if applicable- with photos( preferable)
1. The present campus is the permanent building with a vast playground.
2. It emerged with its new beautiful shape with gardens , lawns , cycle and vehicle sheds, outside.
3. Inside – with enriched labs – chemistry , Biology ,Physics , Computer , SUPW and Art and specious classroom.
Facilities available including Games And Sports Facilities
Games & Sports : Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi & Hand ball

About the KV- a brief description about how the KV has progressed since its inception along with the following details: -

Kendriya Vidyalaya ,Khurda Road was initially started in SERWO School building 30 years before in 1975 with 05 class rooms of one section form class-I to V having 200 students who belonged to the railway employees of S.E Railway Khurda Road Division.

Then the school shifted to the present campus after construction of it’s own building since then the school is growing in libs and bounds not only in quantity as a result of which it has become a 03 section school the strength is at present 1200 but also it is giving quality education like teaching computer science,Informatic Practices, Economics And Accountancy, the various vocational skills like Art & Carft, Games & Sports(Volleyball, Kho-Kho,Kabbadi,Hand ball) ,Music & Dance, and Co curricular activities. The students have achieved tremendously result in Science &Maths and cyber Olympiads tests in various regional and national Sports activities and co curricular activities conducted inside and outside the state


  • Date of opening of the KV: July 1975
  • Highest class and the number of sections sanctioned for each class: 12th(I-IX-03sections), XI Sc (2section), XI(COM) 1section,XII Sc(2section) and XII Comm(1 Section)

  • Sector (Civil/defence/project/I.H.L): Civil

  • District: Khurda

  • State/U.T: Orissa