Games & Sports 2017-2018

1. SGFI- KHO-KHO-7 Participants and one in atheletics

2. School Champians in under 14 (KHO-KHO Boys) in KVS NSM 2017

3. 5 students participated in under 19 (KHO-KHO) National team.

4. School Champians in under 19 (KHO-KHO Boys)KVS Regional 2017.

5. School Champians in under 19 (KHO-KHO Girls)KVS Regional 2017

Games & Sports 2016-2017

1. SGFI- KHO-KHO-5 Participants .

2. School Runners up in under 14 (KHO-KHO Boys) in KVS NSM 2016

3. 4 students participated in under 19 (KHO-KHO) National team.

4. School Champians in under 19 (KHO-KHO Boys)KVS Regional 2016.


5. School Champians in under 19 (KHO-KHO Girls)KVS Regional 2016.

Games & Sports 2015-2016

Games & Sports 2014-2015

Games & Sports 2013-2014


Games and Sports 2012-13:

  1. 17 Students were selected & took part in KVS National Sports Meet-2012
  2. Three students in Kho-Kho under -19(Boys) and three students in Kho-Kho under-14(Boys) awarded silver medals &Rs. 300/- cash each as both the teams became the Runners-up in KVS National Sports Meet-2012.
  3. 02 students were selected and took part in SGFI Meet-2012-13 represented KVS .
    1. ChandanSagar Singh-Kho-Kho-U-14(Boys)
    2. Gouri Prasad Nayak-Kho-Kho-U-19(Boys)
  4. O1 students was selected and took part women’s festival(women National) represented odisha state.
    1. SweetyPandey:-Kho-Kho(Senior Group)

Regional Sports meet for Kho-Kho(U/19) for Boys and Chess for both Boys and Girls will be held from 7.8.12 to 9.8.12 in our Vidyalaya Campus.

Summer Coaching Camp will be conducted from 16.5.12 to 30.5.12 for sports like Volley Ball, Basket Ball , Kho-Kho, Skating and Chess in our Vidyalaya campus under the guidance of Mr S K Nanda (PET).

Games and Sports 2011-12:

From 29.9.11 to 5.10.2011 coaching camp for national meet (Kho-Kho)Girls was conducted at K. V. Khurda Road.

5.10.11 – i. Girls team for National meet went to New-Delhi to participate in National Meet at New Delhi cant.

ii. Boys team for Kho-Kho and handball came by after participating inNational Meet at Chandigarh.

15.10.11- Girls team came by From New Delhi cant.

19.10.11-i. Medals and Certificates were given to the Boys and Girls for participating in National meet held at Chandigarh and New Delhi.

ii. Abdul Rehman (VII A) was awarded by Gold medal for better performance in National Meet.

iii. Under 14 , one of the Girl Poonam Kumari (VII B) was selected for SGFI in Kho-Kho.

iv. Aditi Swain of Class IX A was participated in National Meet for Chess at KV No-3 Bhopal.

22.09.11 to 25.09.11 – Boys (HANDBALL) coaching camp for National Level conducted.

From 10th August to 12th August sports meet (Kho-Kho) girls held.

From 16th to 18 August , Regional Sport Meet(Kho-Kho) Girls was conducted.

58 Participants were selected for Regional Level and 16 Participants selected for National.

Sub-Regional & Regional sports for kho-kho girls will be held from 11th & 12th and 16th to 18th august in our Vidyalaya.

Cluster Level Kho-kho Match,Girls

Miss C Sravani of class-XI is attending SGFI (Kho-Kho)

Training Camp from 2nd Dec. 2010 to 10 Dec.2010 held

at Amritsar(Punjab)

Felicitation of Master Vishal Mohapatra & Master Debabratta Yadav who had participated in Asian Karate-Do Federation Championship held at Hong Kong from 1st Aug to 7th August 2010


· 23 students took part in KVS Cluster sports meet-09-10

· 20 students took part in KVS Regional sports meet-09-10.

· 05 students were selected and took part in KVS Nation Sports Meet-09-10.

Infrastructure facilities in Games and sports

· In Vidyalaya football field soil filling work is going on by C.P.W.D.

· Other fields like volleyball, Kho-kho & Handball require maintenance.

· Vidyalaya has a basket ball ground. But after construction it has not been marked and also not handed over by C.P.W.D.

· Vidyalaya is having a Table Tennis Board but due to scarcity of room the facility is not available to the students.



    1.Clusters Sports meet -09-10.

    1.Kho-Kho (boys) -12

    2. Kho-Kho(Girls) - 11

    3. Cricket(Boys) - 08

    Kho-Kho (boys) & Girls team both got first position in Cluster sports meet 09-10.

    2.Regional Sports Meet -09-10

    a. Kho-Kho (Boys) -05 (Selected from Cluster meet)

    b. Kho-Kho (Girls) -06 (Selected from Cluster meet)

    c. Cricket (boys) -01(Selected from Cluster meet)

    In regional sports meet - 3 students got silver medals in Kho-kho (Boys), 4 students got silver medals in Kho-Kho (Girls), 2 students got silver medals in Chess(Boys), one students got bronze medals in Chess (girls), one students got silver medal in Table tennis (boys).

    National Sports Meet (to be held from 16.11.09 to 20.11.09 in Delhi)