N Innovation and Experimentation
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Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
1 The project of Mrs. Chitralekha Panda " Ecological Security - Act Green" on Think Quest got the second runner up prize in National Level and became the Spot Light Project of Think Quest. She was sponsored by Oracle Foundation to attend the 40 days Virtual training starting from Oct 13th to Nov 21'08 & 4 days In-class training at ZIET ,Mysore Dec 10 to 13'08. Class V Awareness for Global Ecological Security. Awareness created for the protection of our environment & to keep our environment green . Mrs. Chitralekha Panda,PRT
2 Innovation and Experimentation done during the teaching of EVS. Class V 1.Experiments on preservation of food & spoiling of food items. 2. Germination of seeds. 3.Stages of growth of a mosquito ie:- Egg- larva-Pupa & adult mosquito. 4.Growthof Algae in rainy season 5.Stages of growth of a frog.Egg-tadpole-tadpole with ledgs & young froglets. Experiments are done. Children went to the school play ground where stagnant water is collected to find out the mosquito larvae & tadpoles.They collected mosquito larvae & tadpoles. Also children find out algae in the school premises. . Photographs of the experiments is attached below. Mrs. Chitralekha Panda,PRT